Apr 05

Building A Wind Generator

Many people ask me how much is actually involved in building wind generators for home use. People seem to think that this is a near impossible task until I tell them how relatively easy it is to build a wind generator.

In most cases a 1000 watt wind powered windmill generator will run you almost $3000 but if you can construct one yourself, you are looking at a little under $200. I’m sure you will agree that this is quite a big difference.

You are probably thinking that to build a wind generator is a major project that you will never be able to accomplish. This could not be further from the truth and it actually is not very difficult once you have a good set of windmill plans and understand the process.

What are the 4 parts of a wind generator?

1.The Tower– You can actually pick up a tower for practically nothing and some people will actually pay you to remove an old one. Many people with satellite dishes still have there TV towers attached.

2.The Vane– The vane is another very easy part and you can make one by simply cutting a piece of plastic into a triangle and then attaching it to any type of steel rod.

3.The Blades– Many people think that making the blades for the wind generator would be hard but actually it is fairly easy. You can simply use PVC piping and if they are cut properly these blades can work as good as expensive custom blades. Most of the time you want to have either 3 or 4 blades on your generator.

It should also be noted that the larger the blades are the more energy they will produce. But you must be careful and balance this with the strength of the tower because the bigger the blades are the stronger the tower will need to be to withstand strong winds.

4.The Generator – This is the final part for your wind generator which can be hooked up to an AC or to a DC motor so you can produce both types of power. People who are on a tight budget will normally use a AC motor and then wire the generator right to their home. If you go this route make sure you get a electrician to do this for you.

Many homeowners these days are making a choice to move toward alternative sources of energy and because of the advancements made in the past several years, wind generators for home use has now become cost competitive.