Apr 21

Home Windmill Generator Types

Using Wind Energy To Power A Windmill Generator

Wind energy is a powerful, renewable source of energy and can easily be used to power a home windmill generator. Wind, which is a caused by the sun rays heating the earth, could be a sufficient source of energy if efficiently harnessed. The whole process involves harnessing the wind to turn the blades on a home windmill generator.The rotating shaft of the home windmill generator is attached to a turbine which then generates electricity as it turns. So to describe it simply, the energy in wind is used to turn the blades of the home windmill generator, which rotates the turbine, which then generates electricity.

Two Types of Windmill Generator

There are two types of windmill generators and they are categorized depending on how their blades are aligned. They can have their blades rotating in the more traditional vertical position where the shaft (or axis) of the home windmill generator is horizontal or they can have their blades rotating horizontal and their shaft (or axis) vertical. It is a bit confusing but it is their shaft (or axis) that determines which category they are in. So the two types are often referred to as vertical axis windmill generator and horizontal axis windmill generator.

Vertical Axis Windmill Generator

In a vertical axis windmill generator the blades and the shaft that connects to the gearbox that drives the turbine are arranged vertically relative to the ground. Everything in this type is close to the ground. The main advantage of this type of setup is that you do not need to point the blades to the direction of wind. However, it is difficult to install a vertical axis windmill generator to the top of a tower because of this setup. That is why the installation of this type of windmill is often limited to near the ground.

Horizontal Axis Windmill Generator

Horizontal Axis Windmill Generator

Horizontal Axis Windmill Generator

The other type of windmill generator is the horizontal axis wind turbines. This is the most common type of windmill generator. The generator has the organization of the traditional windmill where the blades that drive the turbines are arranged and spin horizontally with having a semblance of a propeller as it spins. This type of windmill has to be installed in a high tower to raise it in a perfect position to harness the most from the wind energy. The windmill blades are then connected to the gearbox which improves the speed of rotation on the turbines. The blades are made stiff enough to withstand pressure so that they are not pulled into or out of the tower. The blades must be pointed towards the wind direction. This is achieved by attaching a wind vane which turns small windmill generators and wind sensors that turns a servo motor in large windmills.

All the windmills out there fall in one of the two categories. The vertical axis is however less efficient when compared to the horizontal axis. This is so because of the interference of the wind by the obstacles and the unevenness near the ground which can cause turbulence on the generator. Either way you go on the type of windmill generator, you are in reality using green power which does not pollute the environment or deplete natural resources. Click here if you would like plans for your own home windmill generator.