Apr 21

How Home Wind Generators Work

Home wind generators are a great way to generate electricity for home or farm use. Home wind generators uses the energy from the wind to turn the blades of the wind generator to generate electricity. The energy from the wind in its natural form is not directly beneficial to us. In extreme cases it can be disastrous and cause damage, but harnessed correctly, it can be tapped by your home wind generators to provide you with electricity.

There are many different types of home wind generators that can be used. They range from massive wind turbines which are used to generate electricity which can be channeled through the national grid for commercial purposes through to small portable home wind generators. Click here if you would like plans to build your own home wind generators. While the methods used to generate electricity amongst the different wind generators can have significant differences, they are all similar in the way they generate electricity.

How Electricity Is Generated By Home Wind Generators

If you connect a voltmeter to a copper wire and then move a magnet along the wire, you will be able to see that a reading is recorded. When a magnet is moved near a copper wire it creates an electron flow and this flow of electrons is known as electricity. So when a magnet is continuously moved near copper wires, the flow of electrons results in electricity being generated. Electricity is generated by the wind turning the blades of the home wind generators, which then turns the shaft. This then rotates a series of magnets located on the shaft that are also locsted inside a series of copper wires. This is often referred to as the turbine. So as the blades are rotated, the turbine is rotated transforming the magnetic energy to electricity.

Home Wind Generator

Home Wind Generator

To generate as much power as possible from your home wind generator, you need to ensure your blades are raised up into the path of the wind typically using tall poles or frames and that the blades are correctly aligned to take advantage of the wind flow. Due to the changing wind patterns some of the home wind generators are fitted with stabilizers. The blades are connected to the turbines so that any rotation by the blade rotates the turbines.

The turbines are then connected to the main lines in your home or farm through a control panel which reads and controls the current going through. The more advanced versions come with a complete dash board where you can see how much power is generated at any time. They can also enables you to set your power limit so that it can regulate how much power it releases into your power system.

Home Wind Generators Are Great For The Environment

So the power starts from wind, which turns the blades, which rotates of the turbines. The rotation of the turbines produces the electricity to power you home. And best of all by using home wind generators for you home you are helping the environment.