Apr 20

Vertical Wind Generators – The Basics

Many people do not understand what exactly is a vertical wind generator and how does it differ from other types of wind machines. This article will explain the basics of what a vertical wind generator is.

Well, a Vertical Axis Wind Generator or Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is a wind machine that creates energy & is mounted to a roof or some type of stand on a platform.

This is a great choice because the generator sits close to the ground and the tower so the tower does not have to support its weight.

Additionally, it is not necessary for the turbine to face the wind direction. This is a big advantage because it does not matter which way the wind is blowing to create power.

Some more positives are that vertical machines can be built at lower levels which can be very beneficial when you are dealing with any type of height restrictions in your local area. Every area is different and you have to check your local laws and ordinances. Because the blades on these generators are vertical, a yaw device is not necessary which reduces some costs as you will not need bearing. Lastly, it is much easier to move or transport a vertical wind generator

But, nothing is perfect and the vertical generator does have some disadvantages as well. These generators create approximately half of the energy that a horizontal generator produces because they generally operate slower and obtain the air flow close to the ground which is much less efficient. Also, it is a difficult job to mount vertical turbines to the tower. They must also be built on a fairly level surface unlike a horizontal wind generator which can be built on any steep or slanted surface.

Vertical Wind Generators can be a great choice for a homeowner who wants to save money on electric costs. If you want to build your own, then click here to get your vertical wind generators plans. Each individual must weigh the pros and cons based on where they are located and what type of property the generator will be built on.