Apr 20

What Is Renewable Energy?

Before you get started on saving energy & helping to save the planet you must first understand exactly what is renewable energy. Renewable energy is created from many different resources including rain, wind, water tides & geothermal heat. With the way the climate is changing & the price of oil increasing, renewable energy is gradually gaining government support & legislation. Renewable energy investment capital is currently around $150 billion & continues to rise.

Wind Power

Wind power such as windmills & wind generators continue to grow annually upwards of 30 percent & is used widely throughout Europe in many countries and also in the US. Around the globe, wind energy has the long term potential to be over 5 times the actual global energy production currently. This means that huge amounts of land would be needed for wind generators & turbines mainly in windy areas. This type of power is renewable and goes not produce and harmful gases to operate effectively.

Water Power

The energy that is found in water can be used effectively because it is 800x denser than air is so even the smallest stream or sea swell can generate large amounts of energy. There are many different types of water energy including Hydroelectric Power, Micro Hydro Systems, Ocean Energy, Osmotic Power & several more.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has been used since ancient times & is created from the light from the sun which pretty much drives the entire climate of the earth. The problem with solar energy is that it is a perishable resource.

There are many other types of renewable energy but this covers the main sources. By improving energy efficiency we will also reduce our dependance on oil & cut down the health impact of our current energy system.